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July Miscellany, with music by Jaeger, Mattingly & Trapani & performances by Dhegrae & Contemporaneous

That’s Robert Louis Stevenson contemplating the proceedings, courtesy John Singer Sargent. The proceedings include, among other things, El café by Joaquín Torres-García and the Cabinet of Geology and Mineralogy from the announcement of a project by Mark Dion at Vassar College.

Next are images of two ancient vases accompanied by a cut-up wrapper, seeds, and labels.

And here, Piero Della Francesca’s 15th C Portrait of Battista Sforza twines with Juan Gris’s The Man at the Café (1914). I’ve had the Della Francesca post card, picked up in Florence, for many moons.

Last, Braque’s The Terrace at the Hotel Mistral (1907) is paired with Matisse’s Pink Onions (1906-07), both accompanied, among other things, by a sticker of a flying machine from Lisbon and a ticket to the Palatine Chapel, Palermo.

Listening List

Shawn Jaeger‘s Resignation, performed by Lucy Dhegrae.

From Jaeger’s website:

“Resignation” takes its title from the American folk melody of the same name, better known as the tune for the Christian hymn, “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need,” with words, by Isaac Watts (1675-1748), paraphrasing Psalm 23. My song is built of fragments of text and music from the hymn—re-ordered and frozen (as if film stills), and repeated.

The score may be found here.

Christopher Trapani‘s Can’t Feel at Home, from Waterlines, performed by Lucy Dhegrae.

For more about Waterlines, click here.

Dylan Mattingly‘s Jubilee, from his opera-in-progress, Stranger Love, performed by Contemporaneous, with David Bloom conducting.

For more about Stranger Love, click here.


Credits: Sources for the quotations may be found at the links in the text. The collages and photographs, as always on the blog unless indicated otherwise, are mine.

An Operatic Apocalypse: The Drumf and the Rhinegold at Turn Park Art Space

Yesterday we took a day trip to West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, lured by the chance to hear two of our favorite singers, Lucy Dhegrae and Ariadne Greif. Well, OK, also, we’d missed earlier performances of The Drumf and the Rhinegold, and it was way past time to make up for that cultural lack. Continue reading

Transcendental Geometry: Contemporaneous at Murray’s 2017

It was a stroke of luck to have happened on Contemporaneous when the ensemble was still at Bard and barely six months old. That was in 2010, and it’s an ongoing cause for celebration that this treasurable rara avis, a chamber orchestra dedicated solely to new music, has not only survived, but is thriving today. Over that time, as Contemporaneous continues to amass significant musical accomplishments, we, as listeners, reap the benefit in an ongoing series of musical gifts. The April 15, 2017, concert at Murray’s in Tivoli was but the latest in a long, glittering string. Continue reading

Spaghetti Western: Contemporaneous in the Spiegeltent

Contemporaneous in the Spiegeltent, warming up for the concert

Contemporaneous in the Spiegeltent, warming up for the concert

It is a measure of the power of music, in the hands of Contemporaneous, that the silly season engulfing us decamped, wholly vanquished, within the first bars of Vicenti Alexim’s adroit arrangement of Ennio Morricone’s Il triello. The occasion was Contemporaneous’s appearance at Bard’s Summer Music Festival, the focus of which this year is “Puccini and His World.” Continue reading