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The place between the petal’s/edge and the

Toward the end of William Carlos Williams’ poem “the rose is obsolete,” he writes

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Fooling the Eye

A new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, Cubism and the Trompe l’Oeil Tradition, prompted a bit of fooling around. Above, you’ll find a bit of a Braque grafted onto a 17th century still life by Adriaen van der Spelt and Frans van Mieris. Below, you’ll find, first, a bit of a Gris onto which is grafted a fine half-peeled lemon by J. S. Bernard, and below that a bit of The Attributes of the Painter by Cornelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts, into the violin of which are tucked two bits of Picasso.

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July Miscellany, with music by Jaeger, Mattingly & Trapani & performances by Dhegrae & Contemporaneous

That’s Robert Louis Stevenson contemplating the proceedings, courtesy John Singer Sargent. The proceedings include, among other things, El café by Joaquín Torres-García and the Cabinet of Geology and Mineralogy from the announcement of a project by Mark Dion at Vassar College. Continue reading