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Faces of Women and a Very Determined Girl, to Music by 2023 Music Award Winner Eve Beglarian

The three faces in the collage at the head of this post are one by Lotte Laserstein, from Im Gasthaus (1927); a portrait of Renata Symonds, Jungian Therapist (2004), by Michael Taylor; and an undated Vivian Maier photograph. They made a fine trio, I thought.

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Eve Beglarian’s She Gets to Decide, sung by Lucy Dhegrae

This is a challenging piece, both emotionally and intellectually. Beglarian wrote of it:

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She Gets to Decide began as a meditation on the controversial Balthus painting Thérèse Dreaming. While the painting seems unquestionably pervy to me, I am also struck by the power and self-sufficiency Thérèse radiates.” [The complete program note, from which this excerpt is taken, may be found here]

In a wide-ranging discussion, Eve and Lucy discuss Lucy’s project, “The Processing Series,” of which Eve’s piece is a part (I commend the whole of their conversation, but at the very least Eve’s description of the piece, which starts at about 1:16:50):

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