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In a City Garden

In casting about for a poem to accompany the photographs on this post, I pulled Paroles, a slim book of poems by Jacques Prévert, from my book shelf. The photographs, by the way, are of the Central Park Conservatory garden in late March, with snow still on the ground, and late May. Continue reading

Colors of the Day & Music of the Night

1 IMG_5780_edited-1

1 IMG_5775_edited-1I’ve been down in New York City the past few days. As marathoners on Fifth Avenue faced frigid winds, the maidens in the Central Park Conservatory Garden danced blithely amid chrysanthemums in bloom. Continue reading

Dancing with Rachmaninoff

Central Park Conservatory Garden, Dancing Maidens

Central Park Conservatory Garden, Dancing Maidens

Fall color is coming on in the hills, and the concert season has begun. I have a long list of potential concerts about which I’ve done almost nothing but order a small subscription to the New York Philharmonic. In the end—and it’s not unusual—my concert season started with something I hadn’t planned: a friend had an extra ticket to Simon Rattle conducting the Berlin Philharmonic in Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances and Stravinsky’s complete Firebird at Carnegie Hall. It’s not only something I didn’t have on my list, but also something I’d not have chosen on my own. Continue reading