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“A conservative brand of Impressionism”

Julian Alden Weir, The Red Bridge (1895)

The description of Weir’s painting by the Metropolitan Museum of Art states:

“After seeing the 1877 French Impressionist exhibition in Paris, Weir grumbled that it was ‘worse than the Chamber of Horrors.’ Much later, working in the Connecticut countryside under the influence of friends such as Theodore Robinson and inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, he converted to Impressionism. In this canvas, he captured the severe industrial form of a new iron truss bridge, covered with red priming paint, over the Shetucket River in Windham. The fundamentally solid forms and restrained veneer of broken brushwork epitomize Weir’s conservative brand of Impressionism.”

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Vuillard and Debussy for a Weekend Afternoon

Édouard Vuillard, The Flowered Dress (1891)

As the Tate explains, “From 1891 through 1900, [Vuillard] was a prominent member of the Nabis, making paintings which assembled areas of pure color, and interior scenes, influenced by Japanese prints, where the subjects were blended into colors and patterns.”

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Contemporaneous performs Sunshowers, by Yasmin Williams

“Sunshowers (2021) – Yasmin Williams, arr. Zachary Ritter (world premiere arrangement), rehearsal footage from After the Storm 2021. Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist who has invented her own way of playing, which NPR Music says ‘transcends the standard idea of what a guitarist should do,’ and whose most recent album reached #1 on iTunes’ Folk Music chart.” [cite]

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