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Contemporaneous performs Brian Petuch’s Portrait and a Dream

Jackson Pollack, Portrait and a Dream (1953)

Contemporaneous is in top form, the singers are stupendous, and Petuch’s opera is outstanding, with his text choices as brilliant as his compositional approach. Watching this made my day, and I hope it may do the same for you.

“Portrait and a Dream [is] an opera about Jackson Pollock told through the lens of Lee Krasner and archival recordings of the people who surrounded his life.” [cite]

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A Trove of Sibelius Treasures

Wild Angelica, Akseli Gallen-Kallela

String Quartet in D-Minor op. 56, Voces Intimae.

In the 8th session of David Nice’s excellent survey of the music of Jean Sibelius, he took a time-out from symphonies to explore others of Sibelius’s musical treasures. Here are performances of each:

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