Landscaping for Privacy: May 30 in Eve Beglarian’s a book of days

OK, let’s drive, let’s tour the hydrangeas And the lawns. What could be more suggestive Than a grassy mattress? —Linda Norton We have no hydrangea blooms in our yard as of yet, but the rhododendrons were peak this week. Then, by lucky happenstance on a fine spring day, after driving INTO New York City while […]

Trolling the Heilbrunn Timeline: A Goldsmith in His Shop

On returning from Italy, I decided it was high time I supplemented my scant knowledge of medieval and Renaissance art, so I gathered up a few books* on the subject. After reading said books, it occurred to me that a Renaissance art vacation extender might be available at the Metropolitan Museum, so I looked up […]

When in Rome: Final Days, Part 2 of 2

I can only say, about our last days in Rome, that we certainly did not go out with a whimper. The opposite of anything we planned, it seems, in retrospect, that we’d been building up to this apotheosis from the moment we arrived.

When in Rome: Final Days, Part 1 of 2

We settled on a new strategy for our final two days in Rome. We were again “based” in Trastevere. This time our plan was to explore only more-or-less immediate neighborhoods in an effort to minimize time spent in the logistics of finding our way around. The strategy worked better than we had any right to […]

When in Umbria: Spoleto, Part 2

The Umbria portion of our travels ended with a final full day in Spoleto. Our first days in Spoleto had coincided with the Rocca Albornoziana closing days, though there was plenty to see looking out over its ramparts.