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Three Fall Walks in Ulster County

Testimonial Gateway Carriage Road, Mohonk Preserve

This fall seems to have come late, with the oaks now ascendant. In the past few days we raced out before clouds overtook the sun to visit three of our favorite walks in Ulster County, New York.

Testimonial Gateway

Testimonial Gateway Trailhead

A well-maintained carriageway wends its way through fields with views to the Shawangunk Mountains.

Walkway Over the Hudson

Where in the past we started out on the Poughkeepsie side, these days we approach the Walkway from Highland, in Ulster County. The cliffs on the Highland side offer grand displays of color.

Looking north from the Walkway

Rosendale Trestle Bridge and Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Wikipedia has more information than you may care to know about the Rosendale Trestle Bridge, but we’re very glad, at the least, that it didn’t end up being a bungee jumping site, as one past owner had tried to do.

View of Rondout Creek from Rosendale Trestle Bridge

Franz Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 59 (Fire Symphony)

Just Walking Around the Mid-Hudson Valley

Morning view, looking south

Morning view, looking south toward Beacon

The segments of the trip swing open like an orange.
There is light in there, and mystery and food.

—John Ashbery, Just Walking Around

The photographs were taken on September walks in Innisfree Garden, on the Walkway Over the Hudson, and in Beacon’s Long Dock Park. They are grouped by location, and the first photograph from each new location is indicated by label. Continue reading

Early June in the Hudson Valley with the Dynamic Triptych of John Foulds

4 IMG_0002_edited-1

[Foulds] had ideas no one else dared have and he brought them to life.
Sakari Oramo

In early June, I snapped several photographs at the Walkway over the Hudson and Innisfree Garden, and it seemed I ought to put them up somewhere. Along the way, several signs have pointed me to the music of John Foulds. First was a Proms concert to which I was (easily) lured by the promise of hearing Sakari Oramo conduct, among other works, Nielsen’s Symphony No. 6 ‘Sinfonia semplice.’  Tucked in ahead of the Nielsen was a small work by Foulds called April-England, about which David Nice provided a colorful description on The Arts Desk: Continue reading