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In Sicilia: Galleria d’Arte Moderna

GAM Ground floor gallery

GAM Ground floor gallery

We continued our survey of Palermo’s art museums with a visit to the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Palermo (GAM). As described by the museum:

[T]he oldest part of the building [is] a sort of prototype for aristocratic residential buildings in the 15th century. Next to it, there was an old Franciscan convent. . . .

During the 19th century, the severe financial crisis of the Franciscan community led to the alteration of some parts of the building into houses for rent. And following the creation of the Regie Scuole Normali and the abolition of the religious orders in 1866, the building was radically changed . . . .

In 2006, after “long and demanding restoration work,” GAM opened its doors on the premises. Continue reading