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Adventures in New Music: The New Juilliard Ensemble at Alice Tully Hall

Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, photograph by Robert Mintzes

Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, photograph by Robert Mintzes

Composer Dylan Mattingly once said, “Part of the excitement to me of hearing something completely new is that you have no idea what it’s going to be. Nothing has proved it not the best thing in the world.” Mattingly’s statement has become my mantra when hearing brand new works, and I’ve discovered many a “best thing” as a result. Continue reading

This Composing Life: Composer Molly Joyce

Composer Molly Joyce

Update: Molly Joyce, whose 2012 interview appears below, has a track up for GRAMMY consideration. Please join me in wishing her the best of luck. (You can listen to Form and Flee on the listening list at the end of the interview.)

I first learned of Molly Joyce at the Contemporaneous concert Just for Us. Her piece Dollhouse was one of those chosen by Contemporaneous in its call for scores for that year. She explained that her composition came out of a dark time when she was questioning her “whole pursuit of a career as a composer.” What was astounding to me at the time, and remains so, is the way she composed her way through that dark time to create a piece of such affirming joy. Continue reading