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Variations on a Hanaci Girl

It’s often interesting to see an artist’s early work. This one, by Gustav Klimt, caught and held my attention. It’s called “Study of the Head of a Hanaci Girl” (c1883) (Appendix I) and variations on that theme, such as “Head Study of a Girl von Hana.” So of course I had to try a couple collage-style variations on the theme.

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Three Poppy Fields

Vincent Van Gogh, Poppy Field 1890
Claude Monet, Poppy Field 1890
Gustav Klimt, Poppy Field 1907

On occasion, social media yields up something good. One instance is Richard Morris, a British art historian and journalist, who offers “Art History in a Tweet.” Not long ago, he posted images of the three paintings of poppy fields you see here. I can no longer find his accompanying twitter entry in the flood of what goes by, but I appreciated his putting tup he three images side-by-side to compare and contrast and thought you might enjoy that, too.

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