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Breezeway Homage No. 5, “the inauspicious leavings of a day”

"the inauspicious leavings of a day." Susan Scheid (2015)

“the inauspicious leavings of a day.” Susan Scheid (2015)

The collage pays homage to John Ashbery’s poem “Gravy for the Prisoners” in the volume Breezeway. The poem’s gentle, often elegiac, rumination on the process of living puts in mind these lines from The Skaters:

So much has passed through my mind this morning
That I can give you but a dim account of it:
It is already after lunch, the men are returning to their positions around the cement mixer
And I try to sort out what has happened to me. Continue reading

Breezeway Homage No. 4, Strange Reaction

Strange Reaction. Susan Scheid (2015)

Strange Reaction, Susan Scheid (2015)

The collage takes its name from the poem “Strange Reaction” in John Ashbery’s collection Breezeway. Its last line, which refers to croutons, may be one of the strangest closing lines in the book. Yet it’s no wonder, for, as the poem notes, “[b]y then we were deep in imagination.” Continue reading

Breezeway Homage No. 3, “All benefited in some way.”

All benefited in some way. Susan Scheid (2015)

“All benefited in some way.” Susan Scheid (2015)

Well, not quite. Mickey Mouse seems a little the worse for wear, but I couldn’t resist including him. The collage pays homage to John Ashbery’s poem “Listening Tour” in the volume Breezeway. The title is quintessential Ashbery, reflecting his own lifelong “listening tour” of vernacular quirks he might put to use. The poem dips into a past I recognize, recalling an argument about network news channels that wouldn’t occur today. The poem then offers two delectable “turns” and closes with a slangy shrug. Continue reading

Breezeway Homage No. 2, A Fountain in the Street

A Fountain in the Street, Susan Scheid (2015)

A Fountain in the Street, Susan Scheid (2015)

The collage takes its name from the poem “A Fountain in the Street” in John Ashbery’s newest collection Breezeway. Ashbery prefaced the poem with an epigraph from the poet Larry Fagin. I’ve been unable to find the poem, but its title, “Content Is a Glimpse,” likely refers to a comment made by Willem de Kooning: “Content, if you want to say, is a glimpse of something, an encounter, you know, like a flash – it’s very tiny, very tiny, content.” The collage does contain a fountain and visual allusions to fountains, but offers overall only a glimpse of the content of the poem. Continue reading

Breezeway Homage No. 1, “not everyone sees it” (The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend)

"not everyone sees it," Susan Scheid (2015)

“not everyone sees it,” Susan Scheid (2015)

The collage is a visual review and homage to John Ashbery’s poem “The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend” in his new collection, Breezeway. For a far more cogent response to Breezeway, read Mark Kerstetter’s typically perceptive commentary here. Continue reading