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When I saw the new MTA mask signs, I called the Governor, the Borough President, and my Assembly Person to complain . . . but sometimes, social media really does do it better

Update: the MTA got a LOT of pushback on its mask signage, and it looks like they replaced it with this:

So, I have to ask, why didn’t they figure this out in the first place? Wouldn’t you think we’ve got enough to contend with without spending energy on bone-headed nonsense? Nonetheless, I’m glad we don’t any longer (knock wood), have to put up with the first iteration (below).

Really, Governor Hochul? You let these signs go up on your watch?

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With Grateful Thanks to Bob Wachter, Eric Topol, and the Rest of “My” Covid A-Team

Source for the Graphic is here.

I recall someone joking along the way of our interminable Covid saga that he looked forward to the time when he wasn’t following 300 epidemiologists. I also remember an epidemiologist who had a coffee mug that sported, “Make epidemiology boring again.”

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