Traveling with Coffeepots

When I ran across an American tinware coffeepot, I knew at once it belonged in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Alpine Kitchen (1918).

I took scraps from the first attempt, embellished them, and came up with another variation on the theme.

The coffeepot theme took a weird turn after that, via Hans Baluschek’s Here The Family Can Make Coffee (1895) which, for no good reason whatsoever, was destined to peek out from Ferdinand Desnos‘s Boars at Moonlight (n.d.) as an owl looks on.

As wild boar roam in the Alps, it seemed only fitting that our music selection for this post should be Richard Strauss’s Alpine Symphony.

4 thoughts on “Traveling with Coffeepots

  1. Frances

    I am a newcomer to your blog which I enjoy immensely. Could you point me to any earlier blogs where you explain how you started creating your masterpieces? thanks. and keep them coming!

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      Hello, Frances! I am afraid there is nothing I can point to as a method for my madness. I am not even sure what started it, although early on I decided to try making collages in response to John Ashbery poems in the book “Breezeway,” as, when it comes to Ashbery, I found it hard after a while to respond to his poems with words. I don’t know how successful that was, but it was fun to work with images and cut and paste. Anyway, if of interest, here is a link to those (also can be found under “The Breezeway Homages” in the right hand column):

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