Faces of Women and a Very Determined Girl, to Music by 2023 Music Award Winner Eve Beglarian

The three faces in the collage at the head of this post are one by Lotte Laserstein, from Im Gasthaus (1927); a portrait of Renata Symonds, Jungian Therapist (2004), by Michael Taylor; and an undated Vivian Maier photograph. They made a fine trio, I thought.

With what was left over, I couldn’t resist a pairing of the rest of Im Gasthaus with a photo of Gluck by Howard Coster (c1932).

To accompany you on your perusal of the post, here is Eve Beglarian’s Play Like a Girl: Skipping Dance (2020). A special shout-out goes to Eve, also, for receiving a 2023 Arts and Letters Awards in Music from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Congratulations, Eve, and well-earned!

Eve wrote of Play Like a Girl (of which Skipping Dance is now a part in “an ever-expanding set of variations on a Bulgarian Women’s Chorus standard“) [cite]:

“Play Like a Girl was commissioned for the BASK Collective by the University of Idaho for a multimedia project in which the keyboard player, Kristin Elgersma, asked for the possibility of playing either grand piano or toy piano, or both, depending on performance constraints. My solution was to write a set of eight variations on Kaval Sviri, one of those Bulgarian Women’s Chorus pieces that were a surprise hit in the late 1980’s. If their ferociously joyous singing is girl music, I’m there! Some of my variations are for grand piano, some for toy piano, and some for celeste or harpsichord or other “girly” instruments . . .”. [cite]

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  1. Frances

    Three wonderful artists and all new to me! except maybe Vivian Maier. And Renata Symonds radiates kindliness and world weariness. Inspiring collage – thank you

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