Variations on a Hanaci Girl

It’s often interesting to see an artist’s early work. This one, by Gustav Klimt, caught and held my attention. It’s called “Study of the Head of a Hanaci Girl” (c1883) (Appendix I) and variations on that theme, such as “Head Study of a Girl von Hana.” So of course I had to try a couple collage-style variations on the theme.

The first uses Klimt’s “Schloss Kammer on the Attersee IV” (1910):

The second uses Klimt’s “Allee vor Schloss Kammer” (c. 1912):

For a theme and variations of a higher order, here is Kristian Bezuidenhout performing the Theme and first five variations of Mozart’s 12 Variations on “Je suis Lindor,” K.354/299a (1778).

Theme: Allegretto

Variation I

Variation II

Variation III

Variation IV

Variation V