Eve Beglarian’s She Gets to Decide, sung by Lucy Dhegrae

This is a challenging piece, both emotionally and intellectually. Beglarian wrote of it:

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She Gets to Decide began as a meditation on the controversial Balthus painting Thérèse Dreaming. While the painting seems unquestionably pervy to me, I am also struck by the power and self-sufficiency Thérèse radiates.” [The complete program note, from which this excerpt is taken, may be found here]

In a wide-ranging discussion, Eve and Lucy discuss Lucy’s project, “The Processing Series,” of which Eve’s piece is a part (I commend the whole of their conversation, but at the very least Eve’s description of the piece, which starts at about 1:16:50):

2 thoughts on “Eve Beglarian’s She Gets to Decide, sung by Lucy Dhegrae

  1. Curt Barnes

    What a terrific surprise, Sue. I haven’t been so taken with a contemporary vocal performance since Brian Petuch’s “Portrait and a Dream,” the Pollock opera. This is a lot briefer but certainly powerful, and thanks for the discussion with Lucy and Eve and the inclusion of the score/libretto. (really important to know the source and relevance of the last quote, to “go out and do your magnificence,” forgive the paraphrase.) A big emotional arc in less than 13 minutes, and something that will be quite memorable. And Ms Dhegrae’s voice, beautiful and hypnotic as ever.

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