The Seed Collector’s Daughter and Other Delights from the Nowruz Journal

Photo by Persis Karim

The Nowruz Journal, a periodical of Persian arts and letters that is a mere two years old, has been named a finalist for the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) Firecracker Award for Best Debut: Magazine.

And a Firecracker it is indeed.  

Persis Karim’s “The Seed Collector’s Daughter” is but one of many gorgeous, resonant works in the Journal. Here is a glimpse that I hope will entice you to read the whole and explore more in this elegant Journal:

She didn’t seem to notice how the squash
seeds on the counter took over—invading.
First grape, tomato, eggplant seeds, then fava
beans found their way onto the large cutting board.
When we tried to move or discard
them, she balked. Told us she would move them.
Small jars and glasses began to appear everywhere:
sprigs of thyme, red begonias, spearmint, spider

With grateful thanks to Mandana Chaffa and T. de Los Reyes for bringing this marvelous journal into the world.