3 thoughts on “When Beethoven Is Enough

  1. nycbeartop

    I can’t wait to hear them. Curt and Bert are the dynamic duos of classical music. Curt played the cello and I have wonderful memories of our childhood.

  2. newleafsite

    Wonderful post! Shared this to Facebook, where Bert, Curt, and a host of others, still miss your presence! Not least of all, myself: I miss you there! — Elizabeth

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      So nice to “see” you here Elizabeth. I must say, swearing off social media made a big improvement in my life (not to mention freeing up time)! But it’s nice to think of you all over there sharing music. I’m appreciative that Bert and Curt think to share some to me by email from time to time. I never could keep up with them, so probably this is a good fit! Anyway, this is a wonderful piece and performance, and so glad you enjoyed it, too.

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