Eve Beglarian’s I will not be sad in this world

Beglarian wrote, “Originally written for alto (or bass) flute, I will not be sad in this world is based on the Armenian troubadour Sayat Nova’s song Ashkharumes Akh Chim Kashil.”

I learned of the piece on reading Eve’s a book of days entry for April 24, 2021:

“This year, sharing April 24th with you has particular resonance, because President Biden is rumored to be making an official announcement recognizing the Armenian genocide later today. I won’t believe it until I hear it, but Mr. Biden has made some amazing and welcome announcements these days, so I won’t underestimate him!”

“Instead of listening to my music today, I’m inviting you to listen to my father’s words; in On Being Armenian, he manages to dream forward while honoring the past. I have posted his radio program as audio and with a transcription, and I have added some photographs, links, and notes to give you additional context. Please feel free to share this widely: I would love for his voice to be heard!”

The rumor was true.

4 thoughts on “Eve Beglarian’s I will not be sad in this world

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      Her father’s radio program “On Being Armenian” is excellent, BTW, and with it is a treasure trove of family photos. So glad the rumor was true.

  1. George Mattingly

    Wonderful piece.

    A longtime fan of Eve Beglarian’s music.

    Years ago we heard this trombone quartet perform “In and Out of The Game,” in Berkeley:

    The electronics are mixed too loud here for my taste, but once the t’bones get going you can hear what we liked.

    Thanks for sharing this, Sue.



    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      Yes, I will not be sad in this world is a beauty, isn’t it? I envy you having heard In and Out of the Game live. It’s the piece that introduced me to (and immediately sold me on) Eve’s work.

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