A Feast of Chamber Music

Thanks to David Nice’s Russian Music class, I’ve been introduced not only to a wealth of chamber music I didn’t know, but also to a cornucopia of brilliant musicians. In a past class, this included Boris Giltburg, and in the most recent class Alina Ibragimova and Benjamin Baker—and through Baker, Daniel Lebhardt.

Below is a sampling of chamber music performances by these superb musicians. (NB: the availability of some of these recitals may be time-limited.)

Benjamin Baker and Daniel Lebhardt perform Franz Schubert’s Fantasy in C D934 (1827), Francis Poulenc’s Violin Sonata (1942-43), and Sergey Prokofiev’s Violin Sonata No. 2 in D Op. 94 (1942-43):

Alina Ibragimova, with Steven Osborne* and Bjørg Lewis, perform Ravel’s Piano Trio in A minor (1914) (starting at about 49 minutes):

Boris Giltburg performs Piano Sonata No. 8 in B♭ major, Op. 84 (1944):

*To my delight, Steven Osborne, a pianist whose work I much admire, appeared as a guest in the same class as Giltburg. He and Ibragimova apparently often perform together and have  recorded chamber works by Prokofiev available here.

The source for the image at the head of the post may be found here.

4 thoughts on “A Feast of Chamber Music

  1. Liesl Garner

    It has been forever since I’ve been around. I’m so happy that your blog is the first that popped up for me. It will be a treat to come back and listen to these musicians. Thank you!

  2. David Nice

    These are all treasurable artists and, as you heard, splendid human beings. You can’t go wrong with any of these performances. Ben and Daniel’s latest recital, also stunning, is up for another couple of weeks. I seem to have missed the SCO recital, dammit.

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