14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

        1. Susan Scheid Post author

          And to both of you! J and I are both quite taken with Paul Elliot on our Messiah CD. It made me wonder which tenor you think top of the line for the Messiah. Fond wishes to you both for the holidays.

          1. David Nice

            Anthony Rolfe Johnson in his prime, Langridge was good in the early days, John Mark Ainsley. Now, I’m not sure as I haven’t listened to a recent performance: maybe that lovely Irish tenor Robin Tritschler. i’m very taken with the tenor sound here, in a new series of Bach cantata performances I’m thrilled to have come across: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dtiCWAkaQA. Happy hols!

  1. shoreacres

    What a beautiful collage, and how good to see your post! I think about you every now and again, and hope all’s going well. In fact, I was thinking about your posts about Estonia the other day. I’m trying to put together a post about an 11th century Serbian monastery for Christmas — or at least for the Orthodox Christmas season. There’s a campaign to restore it going on: very interesting.

    In the process of doing some research, I came across a woman who’s apparently quite famous in Orthodox circles for her gorgeous presentations of the old music. One of the sites includes this short bio:

    “Divna Ljubojevic was born in Belgrade in 1970. She studied at the Mokranjac Musical School and graduated from the Novi Sad Musical Academy. She practiced religious singing with the choir of Vavedenje monastery, where she was trained by the sisters who held her to the unique style derived from Karlovatz singing, and faithfully cherished traditional Russian singing.
    In 1991 she created the Melodi Choir, composed of 10 singers. The repertoire focuses on works belonging to Orthodox sacred music, from the oldest monadic or polyphonic Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian pieces, to contemporary works.”

    Here’s an example. It certainly fits the season — I hope your holidays are filled with such beauty!

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      shoreacres: Yes, I’m not in the blogosphere these days, so it’s especially nice to hear from you this way, and with such interesting projects and discoveries afoot. I look forward to listening to the music you posted too. Happy holidays, again, and to a positive, exploration-filled new year!

  2. hilarymb

    Hi Susan – love the art work … just stunning – as too this brief rendition of Handel’s Messiah … have blessed and peaceful Christmases and New Year – happy times – cheers Hilary

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      Hi, Hilary: So glad you enjoyed the collage, and of course Handel’s Messiah has so much in it to bring in the season. Happy holidays to you, as well, and to a happy New Year!

  3. newleafsite

    Sue, what a gorgeous collage! I love the added layer of the turquoise shadow, creating an immersive experience of color. Greetings of the season! — Elizabeth

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