Swan(n) Songs

Lotus Flower, Innisfree Garden

Lotus Flower, Innisfree Garden

And the lotos rose, quietly, quietly,
The surface glittered out of heart of light,
And they were behind us, reflected in the pool.

—T.S. Eliot, from Burnt Norton

In actual fact this post has little to do with either Swan or Swann. It’s only that we had a lovely walk at Innisfree Garden, and, while I’m offline, it seemed only fair to share a bit of it with you. My intention had been to accompany the photographs with Sibelius’s oh so magnificent Fifth Symphony, but, as happens more often than not, that thought has been (at least partially) derailed.

Here are some photographs of Innisfree Garden in its full summer glory.

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And herewith, some musical/comedic accompaniment:

For Friko, Flanders & Swann:

. . . which reminded me of this, from Beyond the Fringe:

Bonus tracks by Dudley Moore:

And from my side of the Atlantic, I give you this:

Yet, I can’t help it, here is Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony, a gorgeous paean to the swan, which I am thrilled to say I will hear and see live this fall.

For an absolutely delightful post about the garden in July, go to Friko’s World. For more about Sibelius and swans, see David Nice’s lovely posts here and here. For the post that inspired me to search in the Four Quartets for a quotation, click here, with thanks to Steven Schwartzman at Portraits of Wildflowers for pointing it out and to shoreacres at The Task at Hand for constant inspiration to go back to the Four Quartets, this time properly. Ah, poor Swann’s Way. I’ll get to it yet, I swear.

Enjoy the rest of your summer (or winter, for those of you down under). I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in September, if not before.

6 thoughts on “Swan(n) Songs

  1. friko


    Be that as it may, I fully and gratefully agree that you couldn’t possibly keep the lotus flower or T.S.Eliot’s words to yourself.

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      Friko: Offline, for the most part, for the rest of the summer. But I’ll share some photographs of a bit of “what I did on my summer vacation” soon.

  2. angela

    Sue ~ lovely pictures…love the heron- love Dudley Moore YouTube! Rather ironic – I was scanning blog reader and the post right below yours was a blogger who seldom posts – what was her post picture? a Heron! Lucky you with the Sibelius concert – such wonderful music. ~ a

  3. David N

    That looks SO like magnolia grandiflora, which I can smell as I write, but I think the little spout is indeed a lotus signature. How I long for Innisfree…but here the grand summer has continued with glorious sea bathing off the sands of the north Norfolk coast.

    Sure you know Dudley’s wicked parody of Pears and Britten in ‘Little Miss Muffet’…Impossible to listen to Peter P seriously after that.

    1. Susan Scheid Post author

      David: Yes, that lotus was a bit in disguise, but for the telltale spout. The weather here continues to be beautiful, I’m glad to report, and nice to know yours has been good as well. As for Moore’s parody, which I didn’t know, was it ever spot-on! I had to add that to the post right away, as you may have seen.

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